Personal research 1999

Georges Mohasseb is created just a few objects until now: « design is for me a personal research » he said. The choice of a limited edition allows him to show and to create furnitures himself and to think on one hand about the material restrictions and on the other hand by the technology itself.
« The boboug armchair » presented at the FIAD in 1999 is composed with stove tubes in coated steel and a sit in bright color wood ( orange, blue, silver, aluminium, plexi, etc.) « I don’t modify the component, I just use it to the maximum of its capacities and following a trend »
For the Koolas Chair presented, a few weeks ago during the show « Zuppa inglese// Lebanese Maklouta », Georges tempted to invent a new experience of aluminium without welding and waste: « This chair has been created with an 1m*2m aluminium piece. This piece has been cut in the leght side and folded in three times to create the Koolas chair, because of the sobriety and coldness. He wanted to work with the restrictions. Because of the technology and some tricks, in most of the situation it answer to the needs of designers, everything begin to be possible: you break the restriction, but you stay in the regulations.

In his search, he is trying to think the application of an object but most of all the way «it’s going to go through the time». His inspiration, he can find it by his intuition of course, and also by his readings, his travels, the people he met: Spaces, perfumes, lights come to influence and nourish his imagination. Then comes the conception which his separated from the final result by a long period of maturing. i.e. The Koolass has been made in 4 month.

Design is a mix between use and form. The personal touch is « a material presented in a way as pure and minimalist as possible, to create an object which last in time ». A style to discover and follow.