Incandescence or lighting in a different way.
15th of January 2001 to the 15th of February 2001

In the showroom of the French cultural center, Damas Street welcomes until the 15th of February a lighting installation called « incandescence », made by Georges Mohasseb and Kareen Andraous
The visitor enters directly into a warm and cosy atmosphere, full of contrasts. He get influenced and touched, during his exploration, by the form games, textures, reflects and movements.

The initiative of this project is attributed to Goerges Mohasseb, architect formed in Washington DC working in freelance. For this project he had been helped by Kareen Andraous Interior designer (ALBA graduate)

For his first show, I chose to work in team on a quite specific subject; luminaries, because it’s an important part of the space and we don’t care enough about it. We started first by the concept, finding a thread to follow. We were on the same mood with Kareen which allowed us to express ourselves through our artwork. Then we had to organize everything to put the ideas together, mature them, and coordinate them… the all in very little time.

The object became sculpture.

The result is really surprising, full of creativity and sensibility, very strong on the visual and touch sides. Once the luminaries are shown, we realized they had another dimension, another purpose. They became sculpture-object, which are not internal but which react with their environment. With the day light, they get colors, shadows; their form is doubled by the volume, the shadows and their texture. And when the night comes, the light that we hang is provoked. The sculpture carves the light as the light carves the object.

Incandescence is the result of different peculiar movement, a bit immortal and out of time. This is a light management without being limited.